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Leboda is export oriented outdoor lights manufacturer, so you will get competitive China factory price without compromising on quality. Whats more, if you are a luminaire company, Leboda OEM can be your provider of Light source and general lighting solutions to suit your individual products request.

From customers packaging, certificating, sample approval, to optional components, we are always listening to clients and give professional advice, R&D production, quality control, delivery support. Customize our luminaires to fit the application.

Dedicated engineering team taking care of products development and quality verification. 

Leboda teams of OEM engineers will turn your design/concepts to prototype sample and making ture products while monitoring the quality until order delivery.

Leboda engineers design LED boards and assemble Lens according customers desire. 

Several good brand LED drivers can be optional selected for your market.

We even can make aluminum die casting mold against your design and supply unique to you under your payment of tooling.

So finally customers get your logo packing/label, quality passed LED lights shipment. 

Our Promise to you: Customization, keep confidential, VIP service.


LEBODA   R&D team use 3D design software to make sure perfect product shape, mounting feasible, and containing right components with good lighting preformance. 
LEBODA  Lighting Engineering Experimental Center contains LED photoelectric performance laboratory, safety electronics lab, EMC lab, IP lab, environmental reliability lab, RoHS lab, covering luminous flux, glow wire, color rendering index, color temperature, IES, IP and 20 more test projects.
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